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Real Estate Investment Advisor

Duties of a real estate agent

As previously mentioned, a real estate agent must buy and sell a property. That is, from receiving and promoting a home to its sale or rental. And from advising clients to mediation between the parties. And even the advice or management of the tax payment and property registration. That is why it is so important that it is affiliated with the API – Colleges and Association of Real Estate Agents.

Hence, we can say that it has managerial functions, commercial functions, and mediator functions. Do you want to know more about these features?

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Real Estate Advice

Investment Advisories

It is one of the lesser-known real estate services, but many real estate agencies have highly trained staff to offer expert advice on how and when a client can invest. For this, the interested market is studied very carefully to provide a proposal that generates high profits for the client.

Our Seller Services

Real Estate Services To The Seller

Valuation Of The Property

Valuation of the property at the best market price.

Guidance And Management Of The Legal Part

Direction and management of the legal position in real estate procedures.

Promote The Sale Of The Property.

Promote the sale of the property on each of the real estate portals as well as social networks.

Advice To The Client

Provide due advice to the client throughout the sale operation.

Financial Report

Provides the client with a financial report on the property investment estimate.

Tax And Legal Advice

Provides tax and legal advice from the beginning of the sale process until it is concluded.

Real Estate Broker

Functions of a real estate broker

This is the most visible function of a real estate broker. The commercial part is one of the most important and consumes the most time in your work day. It is a job that includes acquiring properties, preparing them, making visits, dealing with clients… And that also has another very important part, such as publishing advertisements in the main real estate portals. And all those measures are carried out to give visibility to the house, apartment, penthouse, or premises you want to sell or rent.

Customer Support
Capturing properties
Property visits

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These testimonials encapsulate clients' journey, etching narratives of their experiences in property transactions.

It was very helpful with local knowledge, and the buying process was made very simple. Highly recommended...

Kara T. Wint

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

"We had great success selling our unit in Park and highly recommend anyone selling to give Longhash a call; they were very professional and a pleasure to work with."

Dana E. Martin

Fitness Instructor

I purchased through Long Hash and found their level of service to be above and beyond, and I would highly recommend them to any future purchasers if they require a great group of service."

Jill Q. Trent

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

Thank you so much for your great service throughout the settlement process. You made it so carefree and easy for us throughout the whole process. If we knew it was that easy to buy a house, we would have done it sooner!

Margaret E. Chapman

Software Developer

A Trusted Real Estate Company

Finding a reliable real estate agent is one of the most crucialsteps for the client, whether buying, renting, or selling a home. The economiccrisis of 2007 has affected the real estate sector the most. Since then, whenapartments were at an exorbitant price, the industry has been greatly involvedin selling and purchasing properties, giving way tobad practices by some companies in the sector and generating”distrust” on the client’s part.

Communication With Clients Is Essential

It does not matter if a person believes they have achieved the house of their dreams. The transaction can be open if the real estate commercial advisor can provide efficient communication.

Providing quality service is much more than simply answering people’s questions. Knowing the basic factors of the transaction, such as the budget or your client’s objectives, is essential to establish effective communication.

Fortunately, many channels allow us to always be in communication. Therefore, a real estate advisor who seems disinterested in communicating with his clients will fail.

Technology Is The Best Ally Of A Real Estate Advisor

Digital platforms provide us with an incredible advantage we didn’t have just a few years ago. The real estate sector has completed its transition to digital in recent years, so there is no excuse not to take advantage of the virtues of technology.

Certain social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, are a great way to stay connected with customers. We know that real estate portals are now one of the main alternatives to carry out operations in the sector, so we should consider all these options.

Find Innovative Solutions To Modern Problems

In the modern era, the real estate industry has seen significant development. Events such as the pandemic that began in 2020 have created new needs for people. For example, just a couple of decades ago, remote work did not have the relevance it has now.

Presenting an efficient solution to a modern problem will set you apart. If a person wants to avoid renting an apartment in a central area because he works from home, you must show him cheaper options where he can have an office in his home. It’s about creating a balance between her needs and your service.

Have A Real Estate Advisory Portfolio Ready To Serve

Most people, when looking for the services of a real estate agency, demand immediacy. The modern lifestyle is hectic and hectic, making time extremely valuable. A portfolio of properties will ensure you deliver a fast, efficient service adapted to each case.

A Personal Brand Will Give You That Differentiating Touch.

Although more and more real estate professionals have a personal brand, this should not stop you if you are thinking of creating one. Of course, this applies mainly to those professionals who want to offer their services independently. A personal brand provides closeness and trust. Additionally, it helps you position yourself as an experienced voice within the sector.

Personal Brand For Real Estate Advisors

In the following podcast, you will find tips to achieve a good professional brand that positions you positively in the minds of the people with whom you interact professionally.

Real Estate Consultant

Receive and attend to each of the interested buyers, show them the property and all the conditions. Then it selects the most potential buyers and shows them to the client.